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Who and what is Northwest Computer, Financial, & Social Services?

I would like to introduce our company to you.  We are a professional private agency specialized in providing three (3) different fields of services.  Our agency is divided into three (3) divisions: Information Technology Services, Financial Services, and Social Services.  Our Information Technology Services division provides computer consulting and repair services.  Our Financial Services division provides income tax preparation and advising services.  Our Social Services division provides visitation services, client advocacy, and other various social services.  Our staff has over 16 years experience and received specialized training in their respective fields.


Our agency was started in 1989 in Oregon in in the Portland area. Our agency initially started as a Financial Services and Information Technology company, and then added Social Services in 1995. Even though our agency started as a Financial Services and Information Technology company, since 1995 our agency has focused on and mainly become social services agency with our Social Services Division consisting of 95% of our business activity. In 1991 our agency opened an office in Tacoma, WA. From 1991 through 1995, our agency transitioned all of our business operations to our Tacoma office. In 1995 our agency closed down the Portland area office. In 2003 our agency opened a additional office for our Social Services Division in University Place, WA, which we shared with another counseling agency. Due to the increase in business in our Social Services Division and the business of the other agency we were sharing office space with, our agency chose to relocate the University Place office. Our agency selected our current Social Services Division office location, which is our NW Visitation Center,  to the downtown/Hilltop area of Tacoma. The benefits of where our NW Visitation Center is currently located is that it provides our Social Services Division more office space that is solely our own and more logistical benefits (parks, restaurants, stores, bus lines, etc.) to our clients. Our agency is actively involved in the local business association and supports and helps makes the community a better place to live and do business in. In 2010 our agency won two Best of Tacoma KOMO Communities awards: Best Bargain in Tacoma, Best Local Business in Tacoma.


  • "When in need of low priced visitation services in the Tacoma area drop by NWCFSS."
    N. W.
    Non-custodial parent - supervised visitations
  • "Your agency is a class act and I really appreciate the space you provided for my family. I have had a good working relationship with all three companies yet in my view your age..."
    J. L.
    Non-custodial parent - supervised visitations